About Us

The festival was founded in 1979 in the village of Akner, which is part of the Alaverdi administration. It has been held in Alaverdi since 1980 as a festival of folk theaters.
In 1986, with the support of the Theatrical Society of Armenia, it became an all-union festival, which was attended by theater groups from different republics of the USSR.
Since 2012 it has been held in Vanadzor, Alaverdi, Spitak, Stepanavan and Tashir cities of Lori region.
It has become international since 2012. The "Days of Russian Theater" program has been held since 2014, in which Russian-language theaters from the Russian Federation, the CIS and other countries of the world, including Armenia, participate. The festival is a member of the Association of Foreign Russian-Language Theaters.
"Theatrical Lori" is supported by the RA Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Alaverdi Municipality, the Union of Theatrical Figures of Armenia, Lori Marzpetaran, "Vallex" group of companies, "Hrat" cultural non-governmental organization. Every year, "Theatrical Lori" is dedicated to prominent figures of performing arts and culture, thus becoming a participant in the organization of anniversaries of national importance. Meetings, discussions, master classes, etc. are held during the festival. People's Artist of the USSR Hrachya Ghaplanyan, People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia Volodya Grigoryan, Valeri Paranyan, Ruben Hakobyan, the current director of the festival Hrachya Papinyan are in the organizational roots of the festival.
Aims of the festival:
• Contribute to the decentralization of the cultural life of the capital
• Satisfy the cultural needs of the residents, increase the involvement of the residents in the cultural processes
• Strengthen capital-regions, Armenia-abroad intercultural ties, promote cooperation • Contribute to the development of a platform for intercultural dialogue
• Facilitate the establishment of horizontal links between "figures" in institutions of other countries
• Development of professional qualities of theatrical figures operating in the regions, exchange of experience The festival is competitive and is held every two years.
l o r i f e s t.a m:
Sincerely, Hrachya Papinyan